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Larreal complements the training they receive in class and constitutes an essential part of the final preparation of our pupils as professional dancers. The coordinator, together with other participating teachers and the PR Department, take care of all the tasks involved in preparing and putting on the performances of the Choreographic Workshop – rehearsals, sound, lighting, stage management, etc. Larreal has grown both in terms of quality and quantity. Our pupils participate in an ever-growing number of cultural events and many theatres wish to include the RCPD’s Larreal on their schedule of shows.

It was created in 1992 under the coordination of Juan Carlos Santamaría. It arose in response to the need to offer our pupils some practical experience that could serve as a stepping stone between the school and their professional future.


Classical Ballet

María Luisa Ramos

Marisa Martínez

Spanish Dance

Ana López

Cristina Jerez

Contemporary Dance

Pedro Berdayes

Christine Tanguay

José Reches

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